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Kal Hans symbolizes transformation. Let's celebrate what makes you unique with our 100% all Natural, Vegan, Luxury skincare line, getting you one step closer to being your best self. 

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You have only one body and it deserves the best! Kal Hans brings you the highest quality, nutrient rich natural ingredients to elevate your skincare routine and give you glowing skin. Because the best makeup is NO makeup. 

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Kal Hans is not a brand that strives for perfection but one that strives for the continual  betterment, growth and confidence in one’s own skin. After meeting with a severe accident in New York founder Lisa D'Mello created Kal Hans 

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Food For Your Skin: A Diet To Achieve Glowing Skin For Your Skin Type

Food For Your Skin: A Diet To Achieve Glowing Skin For Your Skin Type

Your skin is a reflection of your body’s overall health. When your skin looks dull and unkept it could be caused as a result of a poor diet, no exercise or bad skincare habits. Today we are going to tackle a healthy diet for natural glowing skin.  All skin is different and it should be treated as such. A balanced diet is necessary for all skin types but certain foods can cause breakouts for already oily skin and certain foods can cause dehydration for already dry skin. So what should we include in our diet and what should we avoid? 

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Hydrate Skin With These Hyaluronic Acid Rich Foods

Hydrate Skin With These Hyaluronic Acid Rich Foods

In the last few years, there have been a lot of fast growing skincare ingredients but the one that has been the most popular so far is Hyaluronic acid. HA helps hydrate your skin by holding in over 1000x its weight in water. 

But, applying Hyaluronic acid directly to your face is not the only way! Hyaluronic acid foods and supplements can provide you with the Hyaluronic acid your skin needs.

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The Ultimate Skincare Acid Cheat Sheet

The Ultimate Skincare Acid Cheat Sheet

Skincare acids can often get confusing, but this cheat sheet will help show the differences between them. Skincare acids help encourage cell turnover (which is the process of old cells shedding and new cells coming through) which then helps improve skin texture and even out skin tone. Between the two main skincare acids, there are other uses that can help target additional skincare concerns. 


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