Nourishing Neem Tulsi Hand Sanitizer

Our Limited Edition Hand Sanitizers are made with 80% alcohol for maximum strength and have Neem and Tulsi extracts to make sure your hands stay soft and supple whilst you stay safe, avoiding drying out.

All proceeds from the sale of these sanitizers will be used to feed those in need during the Covid pandemic. 

We Make Feeling Comfortable in Your Own Skin Natural

Kal Hans symbolizes transformation. Let's celebrate what makes you unique with our 100% all Natural, Vegan, Luxury skincare line, getting you one step closer to being your best self. 

Free From




Artificial Colours

Synthetic Chemicals 

Artificial Fragrances 

Your Skin Deserves The Best!

You have only one body and it deserves the best! Kal Hans brings you the highest quality, nutrient rich natural ingredients to elevate your skincare routine and give you glowing skin. Because the best makeup is NO makeup. 

Our Story

Kal Hans is not a brand that strives for perfection but one that strives for the continual  betterment, growth and confidence in one’s own skin. After meeting with a severe accident in New York founder Lisa D'Mello created Kal Hans 

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Anti Aging Skin Rules Celebrities Live By

Anti Aging Skin Rules Celebrities Live By

Have you ever googled your favourite celebrities pictures just to see how they’ve changed over the years? I know I have. And what we notice is that some celebrities have aged extremely well, with hardly any tell tale signs of aging, whilst others have aged more. A lot of celebrities like Jlo, Victoria Beckham and Rekha have figured out how to slow down the process of aging with some amazing products, procedures and a disciplined lifestyle that promotes health. And these are some of the amazing steps they’ve learnt.
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That Time I Got a Moroccan Hammam (Massage)

That Time I Got a Moroccan Hammam (Massage)

We were traveling to Dubai for a friend's birthday when she started raving about a Moroccan Hammam (aka body scrub) that she had gotten at her salon. I love massages and scrubs as much as the next person but being a fiend for new skincare experiences, I decided I needed to try it. My friend let me know that it could be a little rough because the woman who gives you a scrub rubs you down until you see your skin being exfoliated off of you. 
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New Years Skin Resolution

New Years Skin Resolution

It’s the end of a decade and it’s time to look back and reflect on all the highs and lows. What were our major wins? What can we improve on?  How can we be 2.0 versions of ourselves? A big goal for a lot of us is being better to ourselves- Self love. We have realized that doing well career wise doesn’t always translate to the self love or the confidence we thought it would. Let’s change that 2020 and take care of our body, mind and spirit. 
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