Lisa, founder of Kal Hans Naturals, spent eight formative years of her life in New York - a stint that included studying at Parsons as well as working in fashion, beauty and media (Nylon Magazine, Milk Studios, VICE and Razorfish). 

Growing up in the 90’s in India there weren’t too many options available to people with oily and acne prone skin. Most moisturizers back then contained certain oils that would make any hormonal teenager break out and Lisa was no exception. No one had the ingredient information necessary to make an informed decision and she struggled with persistent breakouts, dark spots and incessantly greasy skin in her teenage years.  After being desperate and trying every product that claimed to calm down acne she grew insecure and uneasy in her own skin. It was when she went to school for her undergraduate degree in New York that her dermatologist told her to only use water based creams. From that day on she started reading the ingredients on all the products she bought, from her skincare to her makeup and her food.

After moving back to India, and loving all things DIY, she decided to learn about how to formulate skincare so she could make the most amazing products with only the best quality ingredients that were rich in nutrients. She was fascinated by how delicate our skin can be, yet tough and resistant to disease and external environmental factors- how its crucial what you put on your skin doesn’t mess with the delicate balance of your skins pH, & microbiome, and how understanding you Skin Type is the only way you can get the maximum from your skincare.

Knowing about particular skin issues and how to treat them she created a variety of products and then had them tested on friends and family. After doing this for a while and loving the whole process- she knew her calling was to create her own skincare brand. She wanted her brand to be 100% transparent and wanted to be a part of her customers skincare journey from the beginning to the end.