Lisa, founder of Kal Hans Naturals, spent eight formative years of her life in New York - a stint that included studying at Parsons as well as working in fashion, beauty and media (Nylon Magazine, Milk Studios, VICE and Razorfish). 

In 2010, Lisa’s first year in New York, she met with a life altering accident that lead to a lifetime of damage and scars, both metaphorical and physical. This incident lead to a challenging journey of self discovery that left her with a newfound appreciation of her body and sense of self along with a shift in her perception of beauty. 

She realized that being beautiful meant owning your scars and imperfections and making them a part of your personal journey and growth - That in turn lead to the inspiration behind Kal Hans Naturals. 

Lisa realized that her body was not something she could take for granted and has since done everything in her power to give it only the best - this ideology extends to each of the products she creates, using only the most beautiful, efficacious and nutrient rich ingredients that nature has to offer. 

Kal Hans is not a brand that strives for perfection but one that strives for the continual  betterment, growth and confidence in one’s own skin.