Hydrating Rose Petal Face Mist

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Say goodbye to greasy uneven skin with our multifunctional Rose Mist. This Alpha Hydroxy Acid formula (AHA) works gently to hydrate skin whilst controlling oil production for a brighter more toned complexion.



Crafted from rose, hibiscus, and witch hazel, this face mist provides your skin with smoothing moisture. Its antioxidant-rich floral blend helps fight free radicals, minimizes the look of wrinkles while toning, brightening, protecting and ridding your skin of excess oil. 

Skin Type: Normal or Oily Skin 




Rose Hydrosol

Distilled from rose petals to capture the subtle smells, it offers deep hydration and barrier protection to the outermost layer of our skin.

Witch Hazel

This natural astringent and acne-fighting powerhouse helps rid the skin of inflammation, bacteria and oil - whilst toning, tightening and softening it. 

Hibiscus Extract

A natural source of alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs), Hibiscus Extract gently exfoliates, brightens and clarifies skin 




3 WAYS to use this gorgeous toner

Spritz your toner on a cotton pad and sweep across face after cleansing morning and night (Keep refrigerated for an additional calming effect).

You could mist through the day when skin feels dehydrated.

After a shower spritz a generous amount of tonic on your face and place a hot towel over it for 3-5 mins to allow the nutrient rich toner to absorb into skin more easily.  

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