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    Your Guide To Glowing Skin For Your Wedding Day

    Your Guide To Glowing Skin For Your Wedding Day

    It’s happening; the day you tie the knot to the love of your life, is almost here and expect every eye to be on you. On this day you want to make sure everything is perfect; your dress, your hair but most importantly your skin! 

    As you know, all good things take time and effort. To get that flawless glass look you need to go beyond your normal skincare routine. Makeup is important but your skin needs to be healthy and flawless, naturally, as well.

    You have to take out time for your skin, no matter how busy you are in your wedding preparations. 

    So how do you do it? We break it down for you so you can achieve the skin of your dreams by your big day: 


    A lot of people think 1 year is too early to start prepping your skin but we cannot emphasise how important it is to be proactive (after all the early bird gets the worm). Certain types of skin may take longer than others to show results so it’s always better to be prepared (may be severely damaged, dull or have dark spots and hyperpigmentation).


    Stress is one of your skin's biggest enemies-causing fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and dull skin. Massages are a great way to destress and nourish your body's skin with amazing natural and nutrient rich oils. Natural Ayurvedic treatments, scrubs and peels should also be a part of your bi-monthly routine ( and can help treat skin issues like pigmentation and tanning.)



    Beauty also includes a healthy diet and this means getting a nutritionist on board to make sure your body and skin are getting the right nutrition for you. Keys here are avoiding eating out as much as possible and reducing the sugar and high glycemic index foods as they can lead to bloating and skin breakouts. Foods to include are colourful fruits and veggies with a lot of healthy proteins and fats.


    Getting a good night's sleep can result in your skin looking younger and more refreshed. There’s a science to this magic; your skin's circadian rhythm. Your skin's night cycle goes from a protective state during the day to a regenerative mode at night. So how much shut eye should you get? You should get at least 7-8 hours of sleep daily. 

    To get your skin in hyper drive we suggest our Rejuvenation Repair Night Serum/Oil

    Kal Hans crafted the Rejuvenation and Repair Night Serum to enhance the reparative process when the skin is at its most absorptive state. Active healing ingredients such as Rosehip, Seabuckthorn, Jojoba, & Pomegranate, at optimal ratios, brighten, renew, repair, protect, and tone your skin - leaving your skin feeling soft and luminous.  

    Skin Type: Normal To Dry Skin 



    Living in a major city or in a highly populated area in India means heavy pollution, dirt and the harsh rays of the sun. What we want to achieve with our skincare routine is: 1. Protection (from the sun and pollution), 2. Repair (of already damaged skin) and 3. Nourishment (for the new layer of skin). How do we do these effectively? By pickling products that tackle these points all together (multifunctional) or individually. Here is what we suggest: 

    Exfoliate/ Repair: Try our Aloe Cucumber Mist with Niacinamide & Green Tea that effectively cools the skin, whilst exfoliating away excess oil, dirt, and debris, while balancing your skin's oil production for the optimal level of hydration and plumpness without drying it out. Just one spritz of this Aloe Cucumber Face Mist, leaves skin clearer and oil free with smaller-looking pores.

    Protect/ Nourishment: 

    Our 3-in-one cream protects, brightens and moisturizes skin for a luminous radiance. This light weight formulation effortlessly absorbs into skin without leaving a trace while giving you a daily dose of revitalizing moisture and helping protect it from the sun and pollution.  

    The rich natural ingredients in this multi-functional cream also helps reduce signs of aging, protects from tanning and enhances your skin's optimal health, leaving it soft and dewy,  Because, Who said you can't have it all? 

    Brightening Dark Circles (for that extra oomph!): 

    Our Skin Brightening Under Eye Cream Formulated with Licorice, nature's most potent skin brightener, and Ashwagandha, a rich antioxidant adaptogen, soothes stressed skin and lifts the under-eye area for a more youthful glow - giving your eyes the well rested, look you’ve always dreamed of!


    Regular exercise and yoga is beneficial in getting your body in shape whilst getting your juices flowing. Exercise helps your body relax and destress whilst also releasing endorphins that uplift your mood. 

    Make sure to add mediation to the mix- as learning how to control your mind and stress are major factors in your body's overall health. 



    With all the preparations and hustle we often forget to keep ourselves hydrated, which is one of the best ways to fast and hydrated looking skin. Make sure that you include lots of fruits with water content like watermelons, oranges etc. that have fibre to help you with good digestion.


    Peels, masks and other minor procedures like microneedling can help fast track your skincare journey for areas of your skin that are stubborn. An esthetician will look at what's fast acting and will tackle these areas head on.


    Stress causes breakouts and makes you look all pale and dull. Make sure that you remain calm and patient and take no kind of stress before your main day. Do whatever makes you happy and feel good. Pamper your body and skin with massages, oils, masks, and relax yourself- because it could be counter productive to all the progress you've made so far. 

    If you need further advice or have questions make sure to email us at

    We hope that this guide has been super useful and helps you get the skin of your dreams for your big day.


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