That Time I Got a Moroccan Hammam (Massage)

by CloudSearch Collaborator on May 03, 2020

We were traveling to Dubai for a friend's birthday when she started raving about a Moroccan Hammam (aka body scrub) that she had gotten at her salon. I love massages and scrubs as much as the next person but being a fiend for new skincare experiences, I decided I needed to try it. My friend let me know that it could be a little rough because the woman who gives you a scrub rubs you down until you see your skin being exfoliated off of you. I was excited! I booked my scrub for the next day and this was how it went:

I was led into a quaint looking waiting room where I sipped on my Moroccan coffee and slipped into a towel awaiting my masseuse. When she came in she instructed me to take everything off- including the towel- and be seated in the steam room. I walked into a big room with a large table and an adjacent smaller steam room. I could barely see where I was going once I was in the steam but managed to feel a seat close by and sat down. I was in there for around 10 minutes and before I started to feel a little breathless the masseuse asked me to step out and lie down on the table in the next room.  There was no steam here and I suddenly became conscious that I was buck naked with my masseuse guiding me to my table. She was only wearing a towel but I started to feel more at ease sensing her confidence in having done this several times before. 

After squirming around trying to figure out how she wanted me to lay down. I finally lay down my belly first. I could feel her apply a sort of ointment on me and then put a glove scrub on her hand. There was a bit of pressure but not so much that it made me uncomfortable. She started from the bottom and then worked her way to the top.I could see the dead skin peel off me as she scrubbed me down and it felt extremely fulfilling in a way I cannot describe. I was flipped over to the front and got the same results. My overall experience: wonderful! I felt squeaky clean and my skin felt like a baby’s bottom when I was done. 

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