Skin Issues Common To Brown Girls (Hyperpigmentation, Melasma & Pseudofolliculitis Barbae)

by Devanshi Parekh on January 07, 2022


Skincare can cater to all of us. Specific skins have specific issues. People with darker skin face certain issues to which the solutions are often jumbled with the dominant white-centric industry. Before we can get to treating certain matters, it is important to identify what the problem is. 

  • Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (aka Dark Spots)

Melanin is meant to be full of pigment. However, for darker skin tones, they are filled with pigments, almost bursting at the seams. Therefore, a scratch or squeeze leads the pigments to leak, leaving behind an upsetting dark spot. 

These marks may take years to fade away. One of the biggest treatments is the consistent use of a rich sunscreen. Protecting those dark spots from UV rays allows them to heal faster and prevent darkening. Further treatments are recommended ingredients such as azelaic acid and alpha arbutin. Consulting a dermatologist is highly recommended to find out what caters to your skin. 


  •  Pseudofolliculitis barbae/ In-grown hair

Not to be confused with acne, Pseudofolliculitis barbae arises  when there are small bumps under the skin. Darker skin tones are prone to it due to the unique shape of hair follicles. Irritating these bumps in any sense can lead to infections and/or inflamation.

A way to help is to switch from manual razors to epilators if shaving is the technique used. If shaving is continued, wash the razor after each stroke and apply wet clothes and moisturiser to reduce irritation. 

  • Melasma

Identified commonly by dark patches on the forehead and upper lip, melasma produces uneven skin tone. It is a result of the imbalance of hormones, nevertheless, it can be present at all ages. 

The quickest self-treatment you can do is the handy use of sunscreen. UVA, UVB and visible light are the three wavelengths that increase the results of melasma. If medication is being consumed, sunscreen acts as a strong reinforcement. 

Although these skin issues may span across all skin colours, there are some more prominent in darker skin tones. Needless to say, there is always a remedy to help our skin and develop our skincare routine along the way.