Frizztastic: Get rid of that Frizzy Mane

by Lisa D'Mello on September 30, 2019

Growing up, I struggled with frizzy hair and never really knew why. After seeing my friends learn how to tame their manes whilst I still suffered with the ‘Albert Einstein’ look I decided enough was enough and started digging around the web as well as asking friends what they did - the answers were pretty consistent. 

What Causes Frizzy Hair?

Damaged hair lacking moisture leads to frizziness. If our hair doesn’t get moisture from the products we use it absorbs any moisture it is exposed to which results in it getting puffy. 

Heat - a major cause of dry and damaged hair - also leads to frizziness. You’ll have noticed that when you blow dry your hair with maximum heat it tends to get more frizzy than when you let it air dry and that’s because heat dries and damages hair further. 

So How do we Tackle Frizzy Hair?

  1. Avoid applying a lot of heat to hair - Whether you’re blow drying hair or ironing hair make sure the settings are on low to avoid damaging hair and try to air dry hair whenever possible. 
  2. Stay away from products till hair is completely dried - Heat + Moisture = Frizz - So make sure that your hair is completely dry before you add products to your hair.
  3. Deep Condition hair - Deep conditioning of hair is great for repairing and moisturizing hair.
  4. Don't wash your hair too often - Washing hair too often dries and damages and can also result in an oiler scalp. Wash your hair 2-3 times a week and use dry shampoo whenever possible.
  5. Use a serum to moisturize hair - Note that serums are a temporary fix for frizzy hair. They don't actually help strengthen hair but the do help close open hair cuticles to give it that lustrous shine.