Do You Have Eczema? How To Self Diagnose

by Lisa D'Mello on September 06, 2021

Pollution, allergies, harsh soaps – some of the perfect ingredients for ruining our skins. Dry skin, genetics or an immunity problem are, too, contributing factors.  Born from it is the often overlooked eczema. Patches of rough, itchy, red skin are often dismissed in India, under the guise of rashes or temporary bumps. Often self-diagnosable, eczema is a skin condition prevalent all across the world, nevertheless, a lesser known issue in India. 

We live in cities flooded with pollution, a lot of our diets consist of dairy, allowing for eczema to act optimally. The best place to spot it is, the insides of your knees or elbows. Scratching those inflamed areas may lead to a leakage of fluid. If the inflammation has died down, another way to find out if eczema is a skin condition you have is to check if the skin has darkened or thickened in an area where you think you may have had a rash. 

If you are able to spot it, there is much you can do yourself to help treat it: 

  • Moisturising and sunscreen are the primary remedies to help soothe the red patches. 
  • Paying attention to your diet can help prevent dermatitis, too. Identify foods and allergens that may trigger eczema.
  • Finding fabrics that do not cause any irritation or itchiness. 
  • Try and stop yourself from scratching inflamed areas. 
  • Visit a specialist for detailed help that caters perfectly to you! 

A quick self-observation or trip to a specialist can help identify if eczema is a skin condition you have. We are all on a journey to have the healthiest skin and this is a step in the right direction!