5 Women Entrepreneurs We Love

by Lisa DMello on September 23, 2021

It’s no mistake that the top 10 richest people, don't include any women. For the longest time women were not allowed to vote, have vocations, other than being a homemaker, and once we did enter the workforce, were pit against each other.

Things have been changing off late but its become more important than ever to support women in business because, let’s be real, the odds are stacked against us and it’s still a man’s world. 

We wanted to throw some light on women in India that have been killing it in their field by doing extraordinary work. We’ve picked just a few women from different industries we’ve noticed and will continue to do so along the way. If you haven't heard of them make sure to follow and check them out. 

Here’s a list of five women lead brands we adore and get inspired by:

  • FAE: 

  • Founder - Karishma Kewalramani

    This woman entrepreneur’s vegan beauty brand aims to produce ‘free and equal’ cosmetics for all.

    FAE Beauty stands for “free and equal” and is on a mission to produce beauty products that are representative of all skin colours. 

    Karishma found that when people looked at options in India, when it came to makeup, they had to forego “trendiness”. Only big brands were able to offer both these qualities, but they weren’t affordable to all. In the US, she was exposed to brands that were able to combine the two. She wanted to bridge that gap in the Indian market and decided to start FAE beauty.  

    Rather than working in the industry, she took a bold move - and decided to start up on her own.

    She calls her brand's way of approaching beauty as democratic beauty, where all skin types and colours, are represented.



    Founder - Annora & Boo

    The Little Black Bow work on creating textile and design that are timeless and of a quality that will last for a life time.  The Little Black Bow believes in preserving and reviving arts, respecting our people and making beautiful clothing.

    The nostalgia of old world tea parties, the elegance and subtle quirkiness of Audrey, the glamour of corseted discomforts blend uniquely with contemporary design influences, modern lines and magical embroideries at The Little Black Bow.


    Every garment has an individualistic story, a style quirk, a travel favourite, an eclectic icon.




    Founder- Anushka Shah

    Flower Lab is a contemporary design lab that takes care of all your floral needs. Exquisite flowers, bespoke designs and flawless execution is what you can expect from all their services, be it floral arrangement, gifting or decor. From weddings, parties, showers to corporate events, they offer bespoke decor services for all your special occasions, big or small.


    Founder- Suhasini Sampath & Anindita Sampath

    Yogabars are relentless in pursuing their passion for healthy, tasty snacks. They believe that living a healthy life should be fun and rewarding. And happier, healthier people mean a happier, healthier planet.


    Bound by a few guiding principles:

    1. Yogabars will contain no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, or hydrogenated oil, no chemicals, nothing unpronounceable.
    1. No compromise on taste. We will continue to improve the nutrition content of our bars while experimenting with flavours that keep our bars great tasting.
    1. Transparency - You deserve to know what you are eating. 


    Founder- Vanshika Goenka 

    They are a platform to help Indian women build careers they love. Find community, career opportunities, and resources for work and life.

    • Community
      Ask career questions, find guidance, and network with women from all walks of life.
    • Resources
      Learn from a variety of blogs, videos, workshops, experts, and more.

    What we love about this company is that they make it fun and easy to learn new skill and give you access to industry leaders. 

    These are just a handful of amazing women that have gone out on a limb to start something they believed in and would benefit the world. What are your favourite female led companies? We’d love to hear your thoughts so we can add them in our upcoming list.

    by SilashinTot on September 29, 2021

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