5 Secrets of People With Great Skin

by Siddhi Thakar on October 13, 2022

Just like a normal human takes care of their body by eating healthy and working out, similarly, your skin needs to build its own strength and deal with harsh external factors like dust/dirt, pollution, the sun etc throughout the day. Skincare is not just a way to take care of the largest organ of your body, but can also lead to healthy glowing skin that has a direct effect on your level of confidence. Here are a few healthy habits of people with amazing skin:

 Keep it simple

There are higher chances of cheating on your 10-step skincare ritual than on a 3-step skincare practice. So try and minimize the number of products and layers you apply on your skin. This will automatically help you in being consistent as well as reduce skin sensitivity and allergies which can be cause when using multiple products (with several ingredients that you may or may not be allergic to or may react with each other). The best 3 steps for your morning hustle would be Tone/Face mist + Moisturize + Apply Sunscreen and for your night time skincare ritual, it would be Tone/ Face Mist + Oil/serum + Under eye cream.

Skincare is Self-Care

The secret to having great skin is not just applying products to your skin but also having a healthy lifestyle, in terms of eating healthy, working out regularly, restricting alcohol intake, and not smoking. Skincare is a holistic process and it has to be honored in all terms to achieve the results of great flawless skin.

Know your skin

It's very important to know about your skin type and learn about your skin concerns. But at the same time stay away from trying every experimental homely remedy seen or read online- and try only to follow medical journals or reliable bloggers or skincare experts. Stick to the products that suit your skin and follow a healthy routine.

Make Skincare a Ritual

Use 5 minutes in the morning and night each day, just for your skin care. Spend this time alone, and enjoy the self love process of applying each layer of skincare. Say your daily affirmations here as well as a great way to start and end the day. This practice is a form of self-care, and love where you stop all your external thoughts and practice gratitude. Embrace your skin flaws It is very important to first accept yourself and your skin concerns, you are imperfect and that’s what makes you unique. You are graceful and beautiful and skincare is a way to better yourself and get to a place of confidence in who you are. Invest in skincare and heal your skin concerns, this will gradually reflect in having better skin for the long run rather than investing in makeup and hiding behind the layers of a foundation every day.